Tuesday, May 27, 2014

YOUTUBE | Let's talk about inspiration - 90's Cartoon #2

Heyy, I haven't posted anything for a while... Sorry! I hope you'll like it!!


Let's talk about inspiration #1 

I talked about the 90's cartoons I used to watch!
- Daria 
- The wild thornberrys
- Recess
- All grown up

MY CURRENT CRUSH: La piel que habito (in english it's "The skin I live in")
In Toledo, the scientist and surgeon Dr. Robert Ledgard is researching a synthetic skin capable to resist fire and any harm after the death of his beloved wife, who was burnt in a car accident. He is isolated in his mansion with his maid Marilia and his mysterious subject Vera Cruz, who is testing his experiment but is locked in her room. After the assault of the thug Zeca, who raped Vera, Robert has a nightmare with his daughter Norma, who was raped in a party by the youngster Vicente and committed suicide later. Robert plots a scheme to revenge his daughter that has begun with the abduction of Vicente. What is the connection between Vicente and Vera?

-Spanish with french subtitles:
-Spanish with english subtitles:

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