Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

FASHION WEEK AW 14 | Simone Rocha

Hiiii guys!
Today I share with you my love for Simone Rocha! She's one of my favourite designer and I've just seen her last show!
There is a massive presence of black, with the gold details which give way to python Accessories and the colours (pink and tartan red) come later. This collection made me think of some previous famous shows: the many nodes of Comme des Garçons or the velvet Minnie's shoes of Céline! therefore I looove this show because I loved these shows!

Monday, February 17, 2014

FASHION WEEK | Paul Smith A/W 14

What's up guys!!?

It's London Fashion week since, I don't really know... so I have to talk about Paul Smith's last collection!
 I'm not the biggest fan of bohemian print, but here I looove it! I aslo love the mix of different print, and the outfits inspired but nightsuits! The like the long coats mainly this one (3rd picture)!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

FASHION WEEK | Navy Jil Sanders A/W 2014

Twice a day, I'm in a good shape!
I show you the presentation of Navy Jil Sanders! Long story short, Jil Sanders (therefore Raf Simons) is one of the designer who are the reason why I love fashion. 
If I were rich, I'd wear this collection everyday at school cause it's casual and the prints are elegant!

FASHION WEEK | Marc by Marc Jacobs AW 2014

What's up guys!
I really enjoyed the last Marc by Marc jacobs' collection! This is so that kind of clothes I'd like to wear because it's cool, feminin but witout sexy stuff..

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

FASHION WEEK - Organic by John Patrick

Hi Guys!
I've a loooot of work today, so I just show you one of my crushes from NYFW!
I hope you like it!

Saturday, February 8, 2014


What's up guys!?
Wednesday (or thursday) began the New York Fashion Week!! Are you happy as much as me? 
It's time that I share with you my favourite shows! I start with VFiles. I already told you, last season, as much as I love Vfiles, and their creators. This time, was the show of ASSK, Melitta Baumeister and Hyein Seo! Those 3 collections are soooo cool, sporty, young! The first one is very streetwear, asian inspiration printed. [OMG] The second one is just my favourite there is so much poetry in that collection! The lines, the fabrics, the monochrome are "clever", minimalist! I'm just in love! The third one is so cool, that looks like Jeremy Scott, inspired by pop culture and the street! 
 Melitta Baumeister
Hyein Seo

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Youtube - How I style a long coat

Hi guys!
Sorry for not posting anything during a week! :(
Last weekend, I was with my mother. We saw the movie Yves Saint Laurent, I bought some books, and we went to a thrift shop: Guerrisol! That's my favourite thrift shop (because it's not expansive :p) So I bought a jacket, a dress and this perfect Daniel Hechter coat! The fabrics -wool, cashmere and polyamide- are great and the finishes are amazing! Anyway I shot this morning a video where I propose 3 ways to wear a long coat!
I hope you will like it!
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