Saturday, February 8, 2014


What's up guys!?
Wednesday (or thursday) began the New York Fashion Week!! Are you happy as much as me? 
It's time that I share with you my favourite shows! I start with VFiles. I already told you, last season, as much as I love Vfiles, and their creators. This time, was the show of ASSK, Melitta Baumeister and Hyein Seo! Those 3 collections are soooo cool, sporty, young! The first one is very streetwear, asian inspiration printed. [OMG] The second one is just my favourite there is so much poetry in that collection! The lines, the fabrics, the monochrome are "clever", minimalist! I'm just in love! The third one is so cool, that looks like Jeremy Scott, inspired by pop culture and the street! 
 Melitta Baumeister
Hyein Seo

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