Saturday, February 1, 2014

Youtube - How I style a long coat

Hi guys!
Sorry for not posting anything during a week! :(
Last weekend, I was with my mother. We saw the movie Yves Saint Laurent, I bought some books, and we went to a thrift shop: Guerrisol! That's my favourite thrift shop (because it's not expansive :p) So I bought a jacket, a dress and this perfect Daniel Hechter coat! The fabrics -wool, cashmere and polyamide- are great and the finishes are amazing! Anyway I shot this morning a video where I propose 3 ways to wear a long coat!
I hope you will like it!

1 comment:

  1. Hey, c'est la fille de l'amphi, à la Sorbonne ;)
    Comme je ne te trouvais pas sur Facebook, je suis allée sur ton blog. Et... j'adore xD !!
    C'est super ce que tu fais vraiment. Aller... je continue ma visite.


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