Tuesday, May 27, 2014

YOUTUBE | Let's talk about inspiration - 90's Cartoon #2

Heyy, I haven't posted anything for a while... Sorry! I hope you'll like it!!


Let's talk about inspiration #1 

I talked about the 90's cartoons I used to watch!
- Daria 
- The wild thornberrys
- Recess
- All grown up

MY CURRENT CRUSH: La piel que habito (in english it's "The skin I live in")
In Toledo, the scientist and surgeon Dr. Robert Ledgard is researching a synthetic skin capable to resist fire and any harm after the death of his beloved wife, who was burnt in a car accident. He is isolated in his mansion with his maid Marilia and his mysterious subject Vera Cruz, who is testing his experiment but is locked in her room. After the assault of the thug Zeca, who raped Vera, Robert has a nightmare with his daughter Norma, who was raped in a party by the youngster Vicente and committed suicide later. Robert plots a scheme to revenge his daughter that has begun with the abduction of Vicente. What is the connection between Vicente and Vera?

-Spanish with french subtitles:
-Spanish with english subtitles:

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

OOTD | Let's get a job for this Summer!

INTERVIEW | Janne from

Hey guys!
This is my first interview ever! I sent an email to Janne, because I wanted to talk about her as my "current crush" (on Youtube)! So I asked her some random questions about fashion! She spent her time for me, so I'm sooo flatter!

These are my questions! 

1) Could you introduce yourself? (Name, Age, Class)
My name is Janne, I'm 16 years old and in my 5th year out of 6 haha :) I live in the Netherlands, but would love to move to another country someday to live, study and work there. 
*Ahah me too, I hate suburbs!*

2) Do you have favorite subjects in school?
My favorite subject probably is english, because that's my best subject haha. And I also like history, sometimes, depends on the subject.

3) How did you learn to speak english so well?
I don't really know. When I was younger, like 11/12, I started reading short simple english books and also had a twitter account and posted things in english on their and also read tweets which were in english, so I think I kinda learned it by doing that. Also, I think listening to english songs really helps. At this moment, I also learn english at school and watch series without subtitles and that is definitely something you should do if you want to improve your english!

4) You look organized, do you have any tips to help messy people like me? :p
Uhm, if you see my room you'd notice that I'm not that organized haha. But with blogging and making videos I'm kinda organized I guess. For blogging, I make a list with things I want to write about so there always is something to write about, and I also make sure to write an article 1 or 2 days before I want to post it. For making videos, it's harder because of school. Somedays I am home at 5:30PM so filming at that time is hard because there are also other things which need to be done and when it's winter, it's already dark by then. 

5) Who or What are you inspired by? (People, Brands, Tumblr, Blog...)
Magazines, artists, other people who make videos and just people on the street. I don't have one person or some persons who inspire me. Almost everyone inspires me in some sort of way. Some people with their fashion style, other with how they think about stuff and how they react to certain circumstances. 

6) Are there trends you're currently obsessed with? 
Yes, I'm obsessed with sandals with flatforms. Definitely need to buy a pair for this spring/summer but haven't found the perfect pair yet!

7) What was the last item, fashion or make up, you bought?
It were 3 crop tops from Tally Weijl, never bought something there before but they had some nice items.

8) Are there items you want to buy?
Yes, I still need a pair of black high waisted jeans. Also, I want sandals with a flat form and that's it I guess haha :)

9) Do you think there is a specific Netherlands' style?
Not a specific, but there are styles which you see a lot. Pretty basic styles. Many people at my school wear what 'everyone' wears. Like jeans, a shirt, a blazer and in winter they it with uggs. Not my style to be honest, but people can wear what to want. I just like it more when people have an 'own' style. Just not a basic style.

10) Have you ever been in France?
I have, quite a few times. I think like 10 times? Not sure haha! We had friends there so we visited them once in a while but they moved back to the netherlands. I also went to paris twice, which was amazing. Beautiful architecture there. Would love to go back soon. I've never been to the south of France so hopefully I'll go there someday!

Thank you so much Janne! :):)
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