Saturday, August 31, 2013

The pursuit of Mohair

Heyy, what's up guy??
I'm back in Paris! I woke up at 6 pm because of the jet lag, so I wanted to do something for the rest of my day...

  I'd like to talk about one of my favourite fall/winter trend: the Mohair. Quickly, the mohair is like the cashmere but it's from an other kind of goat (Angora), it's easier to maintain, and its aspect is less smooth than cashmere. I love this trend because everytime I discover somthing that can bring warmth (except fur of course) I'm so happy! 
  My favourite version of mohair is obviously BALMAIN because I just love the 80's-90's working girl spirit / MC Hammer's U can't touch this! You know what I mean! :p 
  I also applaud the Alexander Wang's fancy street wear 100% mohair collection and the Céline coat that I just want to wear it and roll myself in the ground!

Now I'm back in Paris, so I'm ready to pace up and down all Vintage/Thrift shops to find the most simple mohair pullover with a crew-neck! 
Wish me luck!


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