Wednesday, September 25, 2013

PARIS FASHION WEEK - Julien David S/S 2014

What's up guyyy!??
Me? I'm soooo excited because it's Fashion Week time in Paris! And this weekend I've an invitation for Manish Arora pop-up store opening, I'm sooo happy! That's gonna be my first party! (that's sucks a little bit! --') But I wasn't here to talk about that! I want to talk about the last Julien David's show!
I hope a day I might be invited to his show because he's one of my fav'! I think he's in his thities, but he's a spirit younger and wilder than me! I could fight with someone to have the "dinosaure" shirt or the men's jumpsuit!
Anyway, this is my favourite outfits of the show, enjoy!!
He looks soo cool I wanna be his BFF *killing myself*



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